Golden Tips

How to prevent
a washer from 'walking'

Usually, when a washer is installed in a house, the nuts of the front legs are not adjusted tightly enough. After a few weeks of regular use, these nuts work themselves loose and the machine is no longer standing level.

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Finally, you could USE you washer and dryer WITHOUT TAKING the COVERS OFF!


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Don't buy a new washer just because it has a scratch or just doesn't match... Cover it!

Does your appliance not look good? Does the washer not match your dryer? Do you want your new appliance to be protected for as long as you own it?

As a laundry service technician, I have worked for many years in a large company. I have called on what must amount to thousands of people. All of these people, were concerned about their appliances and interested in finding out how they could protect their washers and dryers.

Some folks use towels or mats to cover their appliances, while some merely want to protect spotless, newly bought appliances...

All the time customers ask the same question:

"How can I protect my laundry appliances from scratches, dust and chipped corners?"

Are YOU one of these people?

This COMMON PROBLEM, experienced by so many, gave birth to a convenient, universal cover that does not have to be removed to use the washer or dryer.


Our specially designed universal vinyl covers are ideal for the protection of dryers and washers -- offering unsurpassed quality that is unparalleled in the industry. They are suitable for most major brand appliances (27 inch width), while the different colors and patterns provide the opportunity to mix and match. Now you do not need to worry if one of your appliances is a different brand than the other or, one of them is old and one is new.

Washer/Dryer + Cover = "Super Convenient Solution


Prevents scratches, dents, staining and rusting on all painted surfaces

Protects appliances from dust and moisture that could cause electronic failure

Saves money on maintenance

Imparts a whole new look to used appliances

Adds a fresh, attractive appearance to laundries, garages or store rooms

All these benefits, plus peace of mind... at an affordable price!

An added benefit comes your way in that you save $10.00 on the product price of our closest competitor!

We invite you to contact us for further details or to place an order. We offer FREE SHIPPING with order of set of two (washer and dryer covers). Hurry, this offer is good until June 30,2005. To get free shipping please choose ground transportation option.

We believe in the quality of our product so much that we want to offer you a 30 days return policy no questions asked if the product has defects. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR APPLIANCES ARE 27 INCHES WIDE BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER!

U.S. Patent pending...

P.S. The longer you put off keeping your appliances under cover, the shorter the lifespan of those appliances! The longer you delay in making a wise decision that offers a form of insurance cover, the faster you are faced with having to replace worn-out appliances! to order.